Modernista red wine

6 bottle case


Price per bottle: € 7,7 (VAT included)
Packaging and transportation are free
Variety: black Garnatxa, ull de llebre, samso and syrah

Age of the grapevines: between 5 and 35 years

Alcohol: 13%

Ageing: no

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Descripció del producte

Box of 6 bottles.
The price per bottle is € 7,7. VAT included.
Packaging and transportation are free.

Descripció del producte


Visually it has a bright ruby colour and with a middle layer with purple highlights. Good pouring fall into glass.


In the nose it explodes in red berries that flood the atmosphere with their freshness and soft spicy touches


It has a sugary attack that combines red berries in the nose with sour sweets and a structure that is dense and pleasant to its passage


It can be imbibed on its own or with mild cheeses. White meats suit it perfectly, as well as pastries or cured sausages.


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