Grenaches du Monde

The Grenaches du Monde International Competition is the benchmark by which the different types of garnatxa are internationally judged.

Gold Metal 2014 for Indià Blanco 2014.
Bronze Medal 2018 for Indià Blanco 2016.
Gold Medal 2017 for Gamberro Blanco 2012.
Gold Medal 2016 for Gamberrillo Mistela blanco 2014.
Gold Medal 2017 for Gamberrillo Mistela blanco 2014.
Silver medal 2019 for Gamberro Blanco 2015.

Vinari Awards

The goal of the Vinari Awards is to publicise wines made in Catalonia and guide the consumer to local products of quality.

Vinari de Plata 2015 for Gamberrillo Mistela Negra 2013.
Vinari de Plata 2017 for Gamberrillo Mistela Blanca 2014.
Vinari de Plata 2018 for Gamberrillo Mistela Blanca 2015.
Vinari de Plata 2020 for L’Indià Blanc 2018.

Modernista Celler

Modernista Celler is a family project first embarked upon in 2010, seeded by the passion for the hotel and catering trade, and most particularly the world of wines, of the brothers Joaquim and Fran López Gilabert. The whole business revolves around its nerve centre, la Catedral del Vi.