At the Catedral del Vi we offer you the opportunity to give away to your family or friends any of the services we have available. The Catedral del Vi Gift Voucher is a formula we have devised to share the Catedral del Vi experience and is completely customizable so that everyone can choose which service to give away.

The holder of a gift voucher has one year of validity to exchange it by calling or making a reservation on our website. You can choose the date you want as long as it is available or meets the conditions of service and time established in each of the formats.


Thank you so much for thinking of us for this very special occasion. We will contact you on weekdays, after receiving the request at the email address you provided, to manage it, request your details and credit card number.
We can physically deliver the gift voucher to the store or send it by e-mail in PDF format so that the document is not disfigured. Both methods will be carried out within a maximum of 48 hours after receiving your application and the data to process it.
We remind you that the deadlines indicated are in working days. Thanks!

Gift voucher prepared for 2 adults

Other gift vouchers

It can be sent by email or at home in a glass bottle and wooden box with a supplement of 13 €.


Give away a package that includes all the most typical activities of the Catedral del Ví to make your experience more agile. With this package you can enjoy a full day, including a visit to the modernist building, a wine and oil tasting, lunch with the menu in our restaurant and one gift.