Catedral del Vi has its own event organising department which specialises in planning and designing events of all kinds in Terra Alta: family, social and corporate. Our consultants will inform you of the best options for your event, organise it, verify any pertinent protocols and hire all third party services.


To guarantee the success of your event, Pagos de Híbera – Catedral del Vi is guided by a team of expert professionals from Villa Retiro Grup. Our head of protocol will stand constantly by your side and ensure you have no concerns about any unforeseen events, timings, audio-visuals, performances or anything else related to your event.

Large-scale events

Catedral del Vi is the ideal Terres de l’Ebre venue for both private and public large scale events.

Corporations, fairs and administrations

✓ Catering
✓ Product presentations
✓ Business meetings
✓ Award ceremonies
✓ HR Presentations
✓ Corporate product promotions
✓ Consolidation of companies for trade fairs

Family and social celebrations

✓ Weddings
✓ First Communions
✓ Baptisms
✓ Birthdays
✓ Social events
✓ Associations
✓ Private parties